Perfect Indian Cuisine

Dosa Night - Every Thursday

8Elements now features Dosa Night on thursday nights, an all you can eat feast of dosas served À la carte. 14 varieties of the lentil-and-rice crepes are served along with a variety of chutney accompaniment, the choices range from plain to those topped with onions, filled with spiced potatoes and onions or smeared with a spicy chutney. The latest additions being two non-veg Dosas, Chicken Chettinad Dosa and Kheema Dosa 


Along with the dosa check out the Idli options. The price for this feast includes a hot or cold beverage of your choice including fresh fruit juices.


Dosa dosa


Choice of Dosa

• Mysore masala dosa • Hyderabadi dosa • Tomato kara dosa
• Paneer burji • Cheese dosa • Podi dosa
• Ginger dosa • Gongura dosa • Plain dosa
• Masala dosa • Ghee dosa • Chocolate dosa Idlis
• Kheema Dosa • Chicken Chettinad Dosa


Choice of Idli

• Plain idli • Rava idli • Carrot idli
• Thalicha idli sambhar  



• Coconut chutney • Coconut red chutney • Tomato chutney
• Peanut chutney • Coriander chutney • Garlic onion chutney